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“You have a beautiful natural body”

“Latham’s Luggage!”

“I’m sccarrryyy”

“Damien means the Devil”


“That’ll do pig”

“Lean like a cholla… lip liner no lipstick”

“Money Money Money” – please try to envision Lacey, Ali, and I dancing around in char char jump shoots in front of the entire class dancing about fund raising :)

“Just dance” – aka what not to do at da club

ALSO! I have a really cool idea for guest bloggers… one day maybe next week we  will ask one of our friends from our new locals to give us a secret/ tip and we will post it for them :) Great minds collaborate… we could potentially do a themed post ex. fitness, beauty, fashion, travel, adventure?  let me know what you think!  also lo… give me fav color schemes b/c i am getting bday gifts!

!!! This is KEM :) I got my bangs cut… LO MO you must call matty – he goes to LMU and is amazing :D seriously! the most amazing guy i know 6027589136 – just say i do muhahahah…
also… love the pics… where in the world is lacey meyer???


wtf this is in arizona? in the grand canyon..

wtf this is in arizona? it's called mooney falls and it's in the grand canyon

our state is so beautiful! i miss the sunsets.


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Keira has cute bangs all the time. Her hair color/type reminds me of yours, so maybe you will like these different styles.

030509_knightley_400x4002blunt and thick

061608_knightley_400x400side sweep bang

greetings from lacey-

I’m so into these little baby bengals :)

love you!

i found these AMAZINGGGGGGGG photos at National Photo of the Day. I don’t know how they get these amazing shots, but they are spectacular. Thought you all would enjoy looking at some cool photos from around the globe.  – ali

010-commotion-india-gaobsessed with this photo and the colors in India




guagueyvo-girl-1191519-galove these colors!

havasu-creek-waterall-gathis is at Lake Havasu Arizona, in our own backyard!





thailand-cobb-680769-gammm… tahiti

toad-river-canada-1191509-gatoad river, canada

ocelot-california-1198172-gathis reminded me of Keens!

i bought some recycled grocery bags at Whole Foods today! :)

This new Disney Earth movie looks amazing!!!!

i really like this brand called Korres.

It is a Greek skin care/makeup line that is all natural/organic. It is also affordable! I found it at Sephora and i really like  it and recommend. I bought the lip butter in Wild Rose. It is an intensive lip balm with a sheer red tint….and it smells like roses!


i saw on that original Urban Renewal pieces are sold on ebay (and there are new pieces on sale all the time). this brand recycles clothing and turns them into fresh, original new pieces. check it out if you don’t already know about it. – kisses ali


a cute urban renewal outfit.

my mission: i will go get some good jean cut off’s!!!! i’m obsessed




all these are at urban outfitters.

ok, I don’t know if there is a limit to one inbox message, but I’m gonna get close.

First things first, If you haven’t fallen in love with them already, I suggest you get down with Led Zeppelin as soon as possible. Physical Graffiti is an epic album with a variety of Zeppelin. Also, the song “Fool in the Rain” is life changing.

You were talking about MGMT earlier. They are absolutely amazing. Time to Pretend is lyrically one of the strongest songs from them and definitely worth listening to on repeat for days on end. Also, listen to Weekend Wars and Electric Feel a bunch. Both are awesome songs. I assume you’ve heard Kids a bunch, so here is a little something different you’ll like.

My Morning Jacket is an incredible band. I was really into them last semester.

This is my favorite song from them. The whole album “Evil Urges” is pretty great.

This is a pretty great song by them too.

Neutral Milk Hotel is a great band that critics absolutely love.
King of Carrot Flowers pt. 1 is a great song and is a good place to start. This rest of the album is a little more jagged then this, if that makes any sense.

If you are looking for something international, I love Rodrigo y Gabriela. They are an acoustic duo that are absolutely amazing and do things with guitars that I can’t comprehend. Plus Rodrigo solos with a beer bottle… so chill.

One of my top 10 favorite bands of all time is Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Ryan Adams comes out with at least an ablum a year and continues to produce amazing songs every time. His style is constantly evolving from Blues to Jam Band to anything else. The man is a genius

His cover of wonderwall you might have heard.

This video came out the week after 9/11, crazy as hell

Sigur Ros is an icelandic post-rock band that is amazing. Most of it is not english, but the vocals are just another instrument.

TV on the Radio is super amazing. The CD “Dear Science” is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Every single song is amazing and should be listened to all day. Also, look up the lyrics to the songs because they are just as good as the music.

Both those songs have crazy cool lyrics.

This song is super cool because most of the beat is just clapping.

Vampire weekend is real sick too. They got this kind of African drum thing going.
Campus is my favorite song.

This is their big hit so far, sounds very similar.

Wilco is a great mellow band. They are incredible musicians and I am dying to see them live.

Their song “What Light” is great and their big hit, look it up. I can’t find a link right now.

Kings of Leon’s CD “Only By the Night” is awesome. Sex on fire is their massively successful single. It’s not their best though.

This song is fucking sick.

This is their second single and really good as well. The whole album is great. Download is now.

John Butler Trio is a band I’ve seen live once and is probably the best show I have ever been to. John Butler is the best musician I have ever seen in my life. (That includes Clapton and other legends) His song Ocean is an instrumental worth watching. This guy does more with one guitar than most bands can do put together.

Both these tracks are solo, but his full band stuff is just as good. The drummer is amazing. Look for the Cd “Grand National”

Fleet Foxes is definitely worth checking out. I’m seeing them tomorrow and can’t wait. It takes some getting used to, but it will definitely grow on you.
This video is trippy.

Cold War Kids are sweet. I saw them live a few weeks ago.

Broken Social Scene is an indie Canadian band I have fallen in love with recently. My cousin showed me them live 4 years ago, but I never appreciated it till now.

The second song is my favorite song of theirs, even though its not popular at all. It’s just got a great vibe to it.

Brett Dennen is cool as hell. I’ve seen him three times and I love it. This is his big song.

The second one is my favorite song, he has some great similes in the song that are so clever.

Band of Horses is cool. I’m seeing them tomorrow and can’t wait. They have a cool sound that reminds me of Kings of Leon and a little bit of Fleet Foxes.

Plus, the lead singer looks awkward as hell with a beard.

I feel bad for you if you don’t already love Arcade Fire.

Animal Collective is a crazy ass band, but this song and video will change your life.

This completely changed my view on electronic music and made me realize how amazing it can be and how limitless the possibilities are. This video makes you see how intricate the music is and why its awesome.

In conclusion, this is just some of what I’m listening to lately. Most of this I don’t expect you to like right away, but it is definitely all worth listening to. I would saw check out Arcade Fire, Animal Collective’s song, Kings of Leon, and TV on the Radio first. TV on the radio is my favorite artist right now, but it changes all the time. Can’t wait to talk to you about all this stuff.

i looooove ikat prints. these pillows are so cute, and they are actually really reasonable for throw pillows (in the $30 range!). Only the bottom two are actually still in existence, which is sad because the purple one is my fave, but they are PillowPagoda and you can buy them off ebay!  I always knew ebay had some little jewels on there!

The most beautiful pillows I’ve ever seen are by Madeline Weinrib…they are so GORG BURGERZ! check out the website Madeline Weinrib! I love all the pillows, but the ikat are my fave.

sorry for taking up so much space with pillows, but I’m obsessed with these prints! and it’s not just pillows it’s fashion too!

The first dress is Oscar de la Renta, the second is DKNY. ok enough from me….and yay lacey’s on the blog!

-Baby Spice

ali says: i saw james morrison in concert last night and it was pretty dang amazing. really small venue and i was right on the stage. if you can ever see him live, DO IT!!

i will try to post some of my live video to give you a lil TASTE.

here is a great song off his first album (his new videos won’t allow me to post them)

hallelujah! lacey has graced the blog!!!!!!!!!

i saw the movie Adventureland tonight….. and i reccomend! i liked it alot. it is quirky and cute, and fun 80’s music throughout. and i really enjoy the cute cut-off jean shorts Kristen Stewart wears in the movie. i really want some for summatime!!!!

miss you all.  love, al

so i don’t really understand all this blog jazz. how do i add pics?? but i am here! not much is new i am working at my marketing internship once a week until summertime and i am flooded in school work.  ahhh! staying in tonight and getting some sleepy time- you’ve got mail is on, oh snap! all is good though just looking for a place to live. diggin the kardashians recently. soooo keep me updated i will add some pics and get involved once i figure this shizz out.. love you bitches:) kiss kiss. oh and lo i am mailing your gift asap!!



i colored our eyes…if you can’t tell.

PS- i saw LIL ROMEO at chipotle tonight…and he stared my friend and me dooooown! creeper

if any of you don’t know..he goes to my school so it doesn’t count as a d-list celeb sighting

HAHHAHA this photo is great



zaykanthos, greece

no this was not retouched ;)