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this movie looks like it is going to be so good! and joseph gordon levitt is amazing!

500 Days of Summer trailer

this independent indie film looks cute and quirky… it is shot in a documentary style. starring michael cera (my love). He is dating his costar from this film in real life :)

watch here

this looks good. king james is AMAZING! did anyone catch the three at the buzzer (4th QUARTER) of the Magic-Cavs game for the Cavs win by 1 POINT!!!??i can’t believe he is only 24!!!

here is the trailer

the most amazingly hilarious website!  i heard about it in entertainment weekly and i highly recommend checking it out!  it is endless laughsssssss. i love a good awkward photo!

here is a little taste of the goodness:




Check out Zee Avi… she is a new artist signed on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records. I love her  jazzy/accoustic sound. Very laid back album. Me likey!!!

check out her album on Itunes!!


Hearst Toweri think this is 3.1 phillip lim or thakoon

051809_monaghan_200x400peter som



alexander mcqueen- love this dress


042309_miller_200x400matthew williamson

040509_meester_200x400matthew williamson

042909_bledel_200x400matthew williamson

Lacey will reap the rewards of VIRTUAL COOKIES  cookie b(not the virus) as an incentive to post!!!!!



the most provocative cookies….


i am a slave to a toothless babY!

I am loving and reading the posts!



yay for az very soon.


i loved this photo shoot from last month’s issue of Teen Vogue. i love the styling and the scenery around Peru is stunning

stsl-05-traveler0904stsl-06-traveler0904stsl-07-traveler0904stsl-08-traveler0904love the rolled chinos!

stsl-09-traveler0904stsl-10-traveler0904amazing colors!




their new fragrance smells AMAZING.


some pics from i have been meaning to share :)


spotlight-women-0903-pp03cate-blanchett-0902-ps03cate blanchett is the coolest…..

cate-blanchett-0902-ps18cate again.

fasl08_biel0609stsl09_supermodels0809fasl05_bilson0610comedians-0904-pp08jason segel

some more street fashions i am diggin’

6278KanyeWestwebyou can’t deny Kanye West has great personal style

7018AmericanAwebi like her american apperal look

7018bluedresswebreminds me of being on a beach vacation

7018GucciCamerawebgreat color contrast

7078BlkSummer2webloving anything with a low-cut back these days

7188bludressmilanweb2love the look of a worn in denim button down


i know we all love this site. i think these people have great style!

loving the look of rolled up chino pants/ harem style pants

1299GDWeb1love her pantalones

1239LeftBankWebParisian- Edward Cullen?!

2149BrownBlkWeb1i love Parisian men!

2159PreBoyJktWeb2179Jul6thWeb2189ODLReugeniaweb2229PurpleshoesWeblove the contrast of the lavender

2249CarolineWeb2249KateLWeblondon girl

2289BluVivWebrolled jeans–so cute!

3029DGCocoWebmodel coco rocha

3019MarBlkBluWeb1black and blue

3089KLprntWebi love the contrast

3089KLtwoWeb3099GVNatWeb1rolled chino look


3099SMpinksktWeb12obsessed with this look

3119HevWeb1something about her makes this work…

3309bluecardiganWebcasual and cute

4099YellowstripeWebi love this summer look!

6098Missoniwebvintage missoni

6098stripesweb6128CCpoolsidewebsouth beach

6158ADRblkweb6158ADRyellowwebobsessed with this color combo

6158BM2web6158RBpinkweblove the look of a shirt dress


tracy feith is the upcoming go-designer for target. i have been seeing some of his pieces in magazines, and a lot of it looks cute and promising! very 60’s boho/beachy

(and the brunette model is Allie from MTV’S The City, in case you recognized her haha)




fasl08_younghollywood0708Shia in what i think is an Austin Healy :)

All up in the hood, you might see 
locas looking good or crazy 
find them at the car show, or on the street 
or there favorite hang out – the swap meet 
damn don’t be a hater – its all good smile now cry later 
never mess with a chick, with lip liner no lip stick 
wanna look good I’ll tell you how 
first gotta paint on you’re eyebrows 
spray you’re hair with Aqua Net 
get a tattoo to rep your set 
sport Van David’s and some Dickies 
and you’re neck covered in hickies 
need a gallon of mascara 
and get pregnant in you’re quinceanera 

lean like a chola way up high 
thick eye liner in my eye 
cruise all day, drink all night 
got four kids with three guys 
lean like a chola 

lean like a chola way up high 
thick eye liner in my eye 
cruise all day, drink all night 
got four kids with three guys 
lean like a chola 

Speak Spanish when they speak 
“y que foo!” don’t look at me 
say “you member” and “whatevers” 
my mans been locked up forevers 
when he gets out he’ll be mad 
that his boy’s my baby’s dad 
listen to the oldies like the Chi-Lights 
got a blade in my hair when I fight 
got home girls Fea, Mosca, & Shy girl, 
Dreamer, Drifter, Tiny & Fly girl, 
Creeky, Whisper, & La Guera, 
China, Tortuga, Morena, 
Angel, Sad girl, Lady Joker, 
Lil Puppet, Silent, Smoker 
got a problem – callate la boca 
you don’t wanna mess with some gangsta a** locas 

lean like a chola way up high 
thick eye liner in my eye 
cruise all day, drink all night 
got four kids with three guys 
lean like a chola 

lean like a chola way up high 
thick eye liner in my eye 
cruise all day, drink all night 
got four kids with three guys 
lean like a chola


–> this is not meant to be offensive! rock on cholas!

use your smarts to get A+s!