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The September Issue – Trailer No. 1 – Moviefone

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love his work…soooo stunning and original. my favorites look like antique costume jewelry.


jessica-biel-660x495378753ddd814e23a_Jessica-Biel.previewtom+binns+necklaces_1via tom binn,,,

this is the most incredible performance- where Michael made the moonwalk famous.

high socks inspired by MJ:

JCrewGirlBookjcrewsocksheelsj. crew

loving the winged eyeliner look. Kandee makes it easy with this tutorial!

i’ve been obsessed with this jewelry designer for a while now… keep seeing her pieces pop up on celebs, on Gossip Girl, and in magazines.

i am loving any jewelry with different kinds of chains at the moment, and these pieces are girly, but still have an edge.

Gemma Redux

cool Australian swim suit line…Keenan, have you heard of it?

anna & boy



in love with this chambray shirt dress.


american apperal

Excited to check out Scott Schuman’s new book!


her new collection is supposed to be unisex.

i think the campaign photos are really sweet :) this just …works.


chloe sevigny for opening ceremony


benjamin alexander huseby

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A new post on chloe since my other one got messed up :)  Love her, love her, love her!


Frédéric Fekkai glossing creme has saved my hair! I love this stuff and am so lucky to have stumbled upon it (i got a free sample at Sephora). This stuff is perfect for every hair type. It is a lightweight shine/defrizzer/finishing/styling creme in one. You can put it in your hair when it is wet and style, or you can put a little on as a grooming creme after you heat style your hair. This is also amazing when you want your hair to air dry and want a little extra polish and control. I sware by this! It makes my coarse/unmanagable/thick hair smooth, glossy, frizz-free, and tames my split ends. Available at Sephora or Ulta.


I heard about Alba’s UnPetroleum Jelly on Kandee Johnson’s blog. This is multipurpose and all-natural. No petroleum or harsh chemicals. It has coconut oil, beeswax. It won’t clog your pores. She swares by it as an all-over sealant for your skin (puts it on after she puts on her night creme to lock it in). Perfect as chapstick (it is glossy and looks like clear lipgloss on your lips) and since it is all-natural, it is o.k. to put on your mouth. Perfect for taking off eye makeup. Perfect for any dry skin, really. I find this stuff to work better than Aquaphor (and I was a hard core Aquaphor addict) and Vaseline. Love it! I got mine at Whole Foods.


Kandee’s skin care routine

I tried this oatmeal cookie recipe that is more natural/less processed/more healthy. they are pretty dang good if i do say so myself. I found this recipe on the internet (it is a modified recipe of the one found on the container of my Old Irish style oats). I used organic old fashion Irish oats, whole wheat flour, honey (substitute for sugar), canola oil (instead of butter)  lots of yummy spices, dates, and pecans. You can always tweak the recipe, that’s what makes it fun!


The recipe I used!

here is the recipe from Old Wessex oats (very similar to the ones I made, but these use margarine)

I read about this new cook book on Allure’s Beauty Blog. This sounds like it could be fun!


“Plenty of people think that fashion insiders don’t love food, and that the industry thrives on a steady diet of canapés, champagne, and cigarettes. But the CFDA’s new cookbook The American Fashion Cookbook: 100 Designers’ Best Recipes by Lisa March proves that fashion is inextricably linked to haute cuisine. The book dishes out the best recipes from the likes of Isaac Mizrahi, Carolina Herrera, and Derek Lam—who, by the way, don’t shy away from carbs (Mushroom truffle pasta! Chocolate chip cookies!)—and they’re all accompanied by fashion illustrations by the designers themselves. Slaving over a hot stove has never been so fabulous.”

-quoted from Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter


these are from forever21.com65960161-01


these are from House of Harlow 1960, Nicole Riche’s line




via hello!lucky blog ; via Timeless Vixen Vintage (found via Snippet & Ink

love the new kate spade collection. reminds me of zooey deschael’s style.


i got this pattern off her website and set it as my default background.


these photos are so cool from captivate me. the photos are by mario sierra.


saw these images on captivate me . love the vintage looks


ellen von unwerth