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i am really loving anything with baby florals these days.


i also love these nude tones with a red lip. looks surprisingly good on fair skin



i am pretty much obsessed with Sienna Miller’s, Diane Kruger’s and Cate Blancett’s style. They have similar coloring to me and always look good



i have actually met the designer a few times at work and she is very cool :) but the best thing about her is her style and her line… here is a sample – you see it first… the hair for the runway show I saw tonight was very cool and interesting… messy bun with a thick thick bang/chunk of hair down… can’t describe (more on keenanevans to followwwww)

bon apetite for your visual appetite


p.s. love the glassesss

check out my blogizzle i posted you as a guest blogger!!

^brings me back to my roots hahahaha

g’day mate… I am emo and exhausted… but loving recent updates… totally amazed by you girl :P  I am into vintage glasses and am desperate to get a pair!!!!

Vintage_Glasses_Feature I like 9… p.s. aussie internet sucks a d


Picture 14


vintage eyeglasses

i watched the English Patient this weekend, and I was really loving Juliet Binoche’s military jacket over floral dress look (hers was haphazard since she was a nurse living in the middle of nowhere) but i like the idea of it a lot.


from via (Louis Vuitton show) and ruby press

check out this pillow designer, they are not too pricey either. sooo cool. ohh and Keens- these pillows ship from Australia! I bet it would be cheaper for you to order one if you are interested



these are cheaper alternatives to this amazing pillow designer Lauren told me about before, Madeline Weinrib


Laur— i saw this and it reminded me of you.  I hope it reminds you of the Sing and the good memories you had there

by: Weehan Yeo

i found these picks on this is glamourous of betsey johnson’s house.  Like her, it is  cooky and there a lot going on (and i would never paint my house all pink), but it works and is charming!  i like the idea of mixing prints in a house. i like a lot of what she has in her house– check it

1270896383_1ef37b5032_o1270897509_28f63156b7_o1270898807_b5a3f07d80_o1271758080_289f66d2ab_o1278630781_d0f2351619_o1279495906_9d349c6d90_othis reminds me of lacey’s new bedding in her house

1279496048_3741bcb8b0_o1430551860_62f32e9f48_onot her house, but soooo cool!

Keenan, since you probably won’t be able to catch this amazing movie for a while, here is the official website to experience some of the goodness that is this movie!  the music is so amazing!!!

new regina spektor…really cool video

this is a new music video Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gorden Levitt made for their movie, 500 Days of Summer. This song is from Zooey’s and M. Ward’s band, She & Him. This video is so adorable. I love Zooey and her music.

Her original video for the song is equally fun in a weird, quirky way

i always research makeup/hair/personal care products before i buy anything… here are some good sites to check out product reviews and products that won “best of”. And of course, we all love Kandee Johnson! – seriously, this is the best place to read hundreds of customer reviews on each product sold there. i love how the reviews say the reviewers hair/eye color, hair type/texture, skin type etc.  i always find reviewers who have similar coloring or skin to me and find out which are the best shades/ products for me. you can also post a question to a forum about any product question (i.e. which Nars Multiple looks best on fair skin tones etc.) and people  can answer your question/make reccomendations. so amazing! has really good reviews each year on the “best of” certain products in different categories like face, skin, hair, body etc.  the website also has really great beauty forums on everything from how to make your makeup last in summer, to DIY beauty with contents of your fridge and from the best sunscreens on the market to eco friendly beauty products and tips. best of 2008 best of 2009

this website has links to a bunch of beauty blogs

a really good site with lots of beauty info, beauty tutorial videos, and product reviews

another great blog i stumbled upon. find out about upcoming product releases. she also has links to a ton of other beauty blogs her site

Lauren Luke is a youtube phenom in the U.K. (she has the #1 visited page on Youtube in the UK with millions of hits) and is gaining recognition in the States

Lancome has a great beauty blog

who knew Bobbi Brown had a Youtube channel! Cool tutorials!

Allure has reader favorite awards, Best of Allure awards, and daily editor beauty favorites

Allure’s beauty blog

keenan, do you know any good running shoes. what brand of shoe do you use? i am in desperate need for a new pair for work out shoes, and i was wondering if you have any advice or knowledge for me :)