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i remember loving the artistry of this eye-makeup at the Chanel Fall 2009 runway…they did these really cool white/black  appliques on the bottom lash line…. i have been experimenting in a more subtle way with a great white kajal eye pencil i got from Rimmel London (i like it a lot!), lining the inner corner of my eye and using a trick i learned from Kandee Johnson to make eyes look whiter, brighter, and bigger (I have notoriously bloodshot eyes that need extra precautions ha) by lining the bottom rim of your eye in the white pencil…it works!

via Allure, Kandee Johnson

i read  this article on W Magazine blog about a famous font guru, and I knew Keenan would love to learn about him!


via W Magazine blog


via W Magazine blog

I love the blog Fashion Toast…. Rumi Neely is so cool. I love her street style…this blog is kind of like The Sartorialist, except she is in many of the street style photos. Her style is FREAKING cool, and she mixes high end with inexpensive pieces. Love these pictures from her blog…..

katemoss4kate moss0003E8EB-5B5C-11F3-85A180BFB6FA0000katemoss3kate6

Here is Rumi after BCBG….love her style!



found out about these AWESOME concert posters/prints on Hello! Lucky’s blog (my favorite stationary company!) The website is called Poster Cabaret.  these are such cool/artistic posters of some of my fav bands. I love the really geometric ones, and the whimsical circus-inspired ones! checcccck it out.


it’s a Beatle’s-rific day (well, actually day after). Beatles Rockband (so freakingggg funnnn!) and The Beatles Remastered CD boxsets came out.  Love them, love everything about them.


love his work…soooo stunning and original. my favorites look like antique costume jewelry.


jessica-biel-660x495378753ddd814e23a_Jessica-Biel.previewtom+binns+necklaces_1via tom binn,,,

i’ve been obsessed with this jewelry designer for a while now… keep seeing her pieces pop up on celebs, on Gossip Girl, and in magazines.

i am loving any jewelry with different kinds of chains at the moment, and these pieces are girly, but still have an edge.

Gemma Redux

Excited to check out Scott Schuman’s new book!



benjamin alexander huseby

via captivate me

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