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i remember loving the artistry of this eye-makeup at the Chanel Fall 2009 runway…they did these really cool white/black  appliques on the bottom lash line…. i have been experimenting in a more subtle way with a great white kajal eye pencil i got from Rimmel London (i like it a lot!), lining the inner corner of my eye and using a trick i learned from Kandee Johnson to make eyes look whiter, brighter, and bigger (I have notoriously bloodshot eyes that need extra precautions ha) by lining the bottom rim of your eye in the white pencil…it works!

via Allure, Kandee Johnson


loving the winged eyeliner look. Kandee makes it easy with this tutorial!

Frédéric Fekkai glossing creme has saved my hair! I love this stuff and am so lucky to have stumbled upon it (i got a free sample at Sephora). This stuff is perfect for every hair type. It is a lightweight shine/defrizzer/finishing/styling creme in one. You can put it in your hair when it is wet and style, or you can put a little on as a grooming creme after you heat style your hair. This is also amazing when you want your hair to air dry and want a little extra polish and control. I sware by this! It makes my coarse/unmanagable/thick hair smooth, glossy, frizz-free, and tames my split ends. Available at Sephora or Ulta.


I heard about Alba’s UnPetroleum Jelly on Kandee Johnson’s blog. This is multipurpose and all-natural. No petroleum or harsh chemicals. It has coconut oil, beeswax. It won’t clog your pores. She swares by it as an all-over sealant for your skin (puts it on after she puts on her night creme to lock it in). Perfect as chapstick (it is glossy and looks like clear lipgloss on your lips) and since it is all-natural, it is o.k. to put on your mouth. Perfect for taking off eye makeup. Perfect for any dry skin, really. I find this stuff to work better than Aquaphor (and I was a hard core Aquaphor addict) and Vaseline. Love it! I got mine at Whole Foods.


Kandee’s skin care routine