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found out about these AWESOME concert posters/prints on Hello! Lucky’s blog (my favorite stationary company!) The website is called Poster Cabaret.  these are such cool/artistic posters of some of my fav bands. I love the really geometric ones, and the whimsical circus-inspired ones! checcccck it out.



it’s a Beatle’s-rific day (well, actually day after). Beatles Rockband (so freakingggg funnnn!) and The Beatles Remastered CD boxsets came out.  Love them, love everything about them.


new regina spektor…really cool video

this is a new music video Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gorden Levitt made for their movie, 500 Days of Summer. This song is from Zooey’s and M. Ward’s band, She & Him. This video is so adorable. I love Zooey and her music.

Her original video for the song is equally fun in a weird, quirky way